Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hannah Update 1.29.09

We're at Children's getting a platelet infusion right now....they were at 36,000 today. Her ANC (immunity) has dropped to 90, and the cut-off for isolation is 500. The doctor says she can still be around people some, but only if she's willing to wear a mask all the time. He did say that he believes her right eye is moving better than it was the last time he saw her, which was about a week and a half ago. He feels that that is an encouraging sign. We will do chemo again on Monday, but she will only be able to have the Avastin, due to her low ANC count. Hannah likes that idea, because the Irinotecan makes her feel pretty rotten, and the Avastin is really the primary drug the doc wants her to have.

Hannah has developed a cough over the last couple of days. She doesn't cough very often, but when she does, it is very "chesty" sounding. The doc listened to her, and feels that the congestion is all in her upper chest, and not in her lower lungs. She also has a wisdom tooth which has picked right now to start coming through her gum. It's sore and bothers her when she tries to eat. We have to watch her really close for any signs of fever which would indicate infection. Any fever, and we'll be put in the hospital.

Our doctor still feels that some of the changes we've seen in Hannah lately are due to steroids and chemo. She's gotten very quiet lately, mostly just speaking when spoken to. She does ask questions sometimes, usually to find out what day it is or what we're having to eat. She's sometimes confused and occasionally says things that are really off the wall, but the doc says that that is typical of Avastin. Her long term memory is very good, though, and she enjoyed the opportunity to visit with some of her old friends from El Dorado this week.
We also found out today that her next MRI is scheduled for February 16th, at 8:00 a.m. The results of this MRI will tell us how effective the chemo has been and determine our treatment strategy from this point on.

Again, we can never thank you enough for the emails, cards, calls, gifts, meals, and especially, for your prayers. We can never repay the kindnesses we have received, but please know that we will never forget them!

Jill & Brad

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