Monday, June 15, 2009

Hannah Update 2.27.08 3:30 p.m.

While Hannah is sleeping, I thought I’d give a quick update. She had a much better night last night, and got some good, beneficial rest. They’ve gotten her up out of bed a couple of times today, which is good. She pretty much falls right back to sleep when she gets back in bed. She has been a little bit sick to her stomach, which we’ve been told is to be expected after brain surgery. A few specific prayer requests…at some point soon, they will have to replace the dressing on the back of her head, which I’m afraid will be very painful for her. She has a vertical incision on the back of her head that appears to be 5-6 inches long. As you know, she has a lot of hair (still does…Praise God!), and the doctor was very generous with the tape over the incision. I’m just not sure how they’re going to get all that tape out of her hair. (By the way, she tolerated the MRI yesterday very well, and it was much shorter than we expected…only about 25 minutes. Thanks for praying about that!) Another prayer request…we would love to be back in a private room. We have enjoyed Kendra’s sweet family, but with two patients and their families in one room, the noise and commotion is doubled, making it difficult to really rest (more for us than for Hannah, actually.) So, please pray for a private room.

One more prayer request—Bethany seems to have taken a small step backward today. The dark circles are back under her eyes. We’re sending her back home to Magnet Cove with her grandparents early today, so she can get some more rest, too.

This may be our only update today…we’re going to try to get to bed as early as possible tonight. Thank you for everything, prayer warriors!

God is good, all the time!
Jill & Brad

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