Monday, June 15, 2009

Hannah Update 4.1.08

This actually will be more of a Bethany Sullivan update than a Hannah Sullivan update. She had her appointment this morning at the Infectious Diseases clinic at Children’s Hospital. It was a bit frustrating at first, because they had lost her file, and had no record of her having an appointment today. By the time they got all of that straightened out, it was nearly two hours before we finally saw the doctor. The doctor did a thorough exam, and took copious notes about all of the symptoms she has had over the last two months. She told us that the blood tests which had been done previously had been negative for the two main causes of mono symptoms, Epstein-Barr virus and Cytomegalovirus. She told us that there are two other viral infections which can cause mono symptoms, but they are not very common and difficult to test for. She discussed with us a variety of other illnesses which can cause fatigue, fever, abdominal pain, etc. (there are LOTS of them!) and drew quite a bit of blood to be sent off for testing. She said the results will come in over the next week to two weeks, and she will keep us posted on the results as she receives them. She was pleased to hear that Bethany’s energy level has definitely improved over the last week or two, and that she is in school and keeping up with her schoolwork.

Hannah has had a good day today, with very little nausea or dizziness. Tomorrow will mark the halfway point of her radiation therapy! She continues to have a wonderful attitude about everything, for which we are very thankful.

Thanks again for all your prayers! God is good, all the time!
Jill & Brad

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