Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hannah Update 9.15.08

Good news…Hannah’s counts were high enough today for her to start her fourth round of chemo this week! This is the first time she has actually been on schedule to take it when she’s supposed to (should be a 5 day on/23 day off schedule). We’ve always had to wait for her platelets to get high enough for her to start back, but they were right on target today. So, she will take her first dose Tuesday evening and continue through Saturday evening. That means she will probably have some nausea and fatigue Wednesday through Sunday of this week. Last month was not too bad, though, so we are hopeful that this month will be even better! Please pray that the side effects will be minimal, and won’t interfere with school too much. After this week, she’ll have just six more rounds to go!

Your prayers mean so much to us….more than we can ever say! Thank you for being so faithful to pray for our family.

God is good, all the time!
Jill & Brad

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