Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hannah Update 9.2.08

We are so thankful to have very little to report this week…Hannah’s bloodwork today was very good, with most counts near normal, and a platelet level of 120,000. Next Monday we will go to Children’s Hospital for our monthly visit, and on September 29th, Hannah will have another MRI. Her school year has gotten off to a very good start, and she has been feeling fine. She does tire fairly easily, and sometimes sleeps for an hour or so after school, but for the most part has been able to go about her daily activities without slowing down. We were even able to take a trip to Mountain Home over the holiday weekend to spend time with family, and squeezed in a shopping trip to Branson while we were there! God has truly blessed our family, and we are so grateful! Thank you so much for your continued prayers!

God is good, all the time!
Jill & Brad

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