Monday, June 15, 2009

Hannah Update 3.11.08

We had a bit of a rough start to our day today, but things are looking up this evening. Hannah did not feel very well this morning when she woke up, and decided not to go to school, but then began feeling better. I decided to go in to work for the first time since last month, but had not been there very long when she called saying she was sick. I came home and called Children’s Hospital, describing her symptoms, and they asked me to bring her to the hospital. By the time we got there, they had had an opportunity to look at the CT scan we had done yesterday, and were able to tell us that there was no additional swelling in the brain; but that, in fact, the swelling was going down as it should. They believe the nausea is due to the discontinuation of the steroid medication she was taking, and it should resolve itself. They did give her a prescription for some anti-nausea medication, which has really helped her this evening. She really feels that she will be able to go to school tomorrow.

Bethany started running a fever with her pink eye last night, and was still running fever today, so while I took Hannah to Children’s, Brad took Bethany to her doctor in Hot Springs. They gave her an antibiotic shot (which she was not too happy about) and her eye is already looking much better. So, hopefully, she will also be back at school tomorrow.

We are very thankful for the good report we received in Little Rock today. Please continue to pray that Hannah’s nausea will resolve itself soon, and that Bethany will completely recover from her illness, and that our first radiation treatment on Thursday will go well.

God is good…all the time!
Jill & Brad

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