Monday, June 15, 2009

Hannah Update 2.26.08 2:38 p.m.

Well, last night was a long night. Hannah has slept very little (probably only 1½ hours) since getting out of surgery about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. She just can’t seem to relax and sleep. We are scheduled for an MRI sometime this afternoon (I’ve learned that hospitals operate on their own time schedule, so we have no idea what time), after which we will hopefully be able to return to a regular room. We do not have a private room in the ICU; we’re kind of in an “overflow” area, which means no privacy and LOTS of noise. Please pray for a relief from pain and the ability to rest. I’m especially concerned about how she’ll do during the MRI today…she will have to lay right on her incision, which is bound to be painful, and she’ll have to stay that way, perfectly still, for probably an hour. The good news is that even though this has been a difficult night and day, her vital signs, etc., have been very good, and her doctors are pleased with her progress. She ran fever during the night, but today that is gone, and we are extremely thankful for that. That caused a bit of concern during the night. Bethany is also steadily improving, and for that, we are very grateful!

Jill & Brad

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