Monday, June 15, 2009

Hannah Update 3.21.08

Just a quick update tonight, since I haven’t updated in a few days. Hannah had her seventh radiation treatment today, and so far those are going well. She has been having quite a bit of queasiness (even with her anti-nausea medication, possibly from the chemo drugs she started taking two days ago. Please pray that this queasiness will subside, since she has forty more consecutive days of taking these drugs.

Bethany’s energy level has been somewhat better the last few days, but she is continuing to run a low grade fever and has been having abdominal pain. She had a CT scan today, which told us that her spleen is back to normal, and that she does not have appendicitis. We will be watching her closely this weekend to see how she does. We are thankful that we will be on spring break this week, so all four of us will have a much-needed break from school and work.

Another praise report tonight…Brad’s dad went to the hospital today for a new heart cath, which he had done about five years ago. When they got in there, they found that one of his major arteries had an 80% blockage, so they put in a stent and he is spending the night in the hospital tonight. The doctor told him that it was very good that they caught it now and got it taken care of! Brad was able to visit with him after the surgery, and he is already feeling better!
Thank you so much for all your prayers and encouragement! God is good, all the time!

Jill & Brad

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