Monday, June 15, 2009

Hannah Update 4.8.08

Just a quick update tonight…we finally heard from the nurse at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, where Bethany had her blood work done last week. Everything she was tested for turned out to be negative…which is good news! They had told us that if that happened, it was probably an indication that her illness was viral in nature and would just eventually run its course. She has also really been feeling better this week, which of course, makes us feel better, too. We are thankful to know that she does not seem to have anything serious.

Hannah and I took some time off of school and work today to attend a special program at the cancer center at St. Joseph hospital here in Hot Springs. It is a program designed for women who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. A lady came and talked to the group about wigs, make-up, etc. She’s had a lot of experience with women undergoing radiation treatments, and she looked at Hannah’s hair and told us that she didn’t feel she would lose much more than she already has. This was very reassuring to hear, of course! When we went for her radiologist appointment this afternoon, her technician also felt that she probably wouldn’t lose much more. By wearing her hair in a ponytail, she is able to cover up the thin spots really well. So we are thankful for a good day, and we are reminded that God is good…all the time!

Jill & Brad

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