Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hannah Update 9.26.08

We are back at home this afternoon after meeting with Hannah's oncologist at Children's Hospital this morning. We drove up to the hospital this morning, expecting to spend the night, but found that the treatment plans have changed. The oncologist showed us pictures of Hannah's scans, and explained that the original tumor has seeded in the lower part of her brain and in her spine. There are at least nine tumors in her spine and two near her brain stem. After carefully reviewing her scans and the available research regarding treatment of glioblastoma tumors, the oncologist has determined that Hannah should receive radiation to the entire region before beginning the chemotherapy treatments. We will go to CARTI in Little Rock on Monday to meet with the radiologist and find out what the radiation schedule will be. The oncologist told us to expect about six weeks of daily radiation treatments. This will be similar to the radiation treatments that Hannah underwent right after surgery, so this is a familiar process. After completing the radiation therapy, new scans will be done. If all looks good, Hannah will receive four chemotherapy treatments (one every two weeks). Then they will wait two weeks and repeat the scans. The goal will be to reduce the size of the tumors and stop any new ones from forming.

The oncologist was very straightforward and honest in explaining to us the serious nature of Hannah's situation. We told him that there are many, many people praying for him, and He agreed that God's help will be needed for a cure. We are thankful that we serve a God who is the Great Physician. God has given our entire family, including Hannah, a peace that can only come from Him. Please join us in praying for healing, and in praying specifically for Dr. Saylors, our oncologist, and Dr. Pena, our radiologist...that God would give them the wisdom they need to determine the best plan of treatment for Hannah. We know that the ultimate outcome is in God's hands, and that He loves Hannah even more than we do.

God is good, all the time, even in (especially in) the middle of a storm!
Jill & Brad

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