Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hannah Update 1.23.09

We're already home from our Children's Hospital visit today. Hannah's platelets were at 49,000, which is a good number, considering that she hasn't received platelets since Tuesday. They went ahead and gave her an infusion, and we're already back at home, where she is napping in her bed. We'll return on Monday for our regular clinic appointment. A group of Hannah's friends from school came out to the house to have lunch with her on Thursday of this week, which was a nice treat for her; and she will have some visitors from her former school in El Dorado next week. We are so thankful for our friends and family, who have been such a wonderul support for her and for all of us.

Hannah is doing well overall, although her vision has become a real problem for her. Her pupils are very dilated all the time, so she is sensitive to the light. Her near vision is very poor, but her farther vision for watching TV, etc., is pretty good. She's been enjoying watching American Idol over the last couple of weeks....that's been her favorite show for several years. Fatigue is another issue...she takes a couple of naps every day, and goes to bed early at night. However, her spirits are good, and her faith remains strong. We are so proud of her, and the way she's faced everything that's come her way. Your prayers and support have been a huge part of this, and we thank you for them.

God is good, all the time!

Jill & Brad

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