Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hannah Update 1.19.09 (Written by Bethany, age 13)

Okay…since my mom usually does these emails and my dad has done one I decided it was my turn!

Wow I’m really not sure where to start out…but what I wanted to say to everyone was thank you for praying…its been a HUGE blessing in itself to have all of you in my life! Most of y’all have made some kind of a difference in my life and there is nothing that I can do to repay you…it’s overpowering to see God’s work firsthand and ever since this all started we prayed that this would make a ginormous change all over the would and wow, people all over the world are praying for me and my family!!! I can NOT explain in words how blessed I feel to be in a family that loves me and to have so many friends that are always there for me. I also can’t say how much this experience has changed my life!

I realized last night that “thank you” is not enough…if I could give the world to all of you, I would in a heart beat.

I want the world to see how much God has changed my life and how much my sister Hannah has changed my life and I know for a fact she has changed many of yours also!

Please Please PLEASE continue to pray for Hannah and my family… this is a majorly hard thing to go through right now and prayer is the next best thing besides GOD himself.

With all my heart,

P.S. please pray for me through this time…it’s hard to be away from my big sister at school during the day and to see all the changes that she is going through.

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