Friday, April 20, 2018

Well Done

This post is #66 in a year-long series ... Through this series of posts I plan to share our family's experiences during our 17-year-old daughter's year-long battle with brain cancer, which began in February of 2008. My desire is to process through the events of that year from the perspective that a decade of time has brought ... for myself, really. But if you'd like to follow along, you're welcome to join me.

April 20, 2008

I thought I'd share a few more poems today from Hannah's anthology.  These poems are such a treasure because of the insight they give into Hannah's thoughts at that time.  As I've said before, she was a very private person and she gave us very few hints into what was going on in her mind during her cancer battle.  And while my heart breaks over the declarations of survival in these poems, which she clearly ascribed to herself, I am comforted by the knowledge that she accomplished everything listed in the "Well Done" poem.  God's purpose for her life has been gloriously fulfilled, and for that I am grateful.

"Cancer Free"
~ Anonymous

I'm living with the image that caner left with me.
I know the fears cancer has made me see.
I am more than what cancer had me be.
And I will live my life totally cancer free.

Cancer is a hard battle no one should have to fight.
Tossing and turning throughout the whole night.
Trying so hard to reach toward the light.
Sometimes wanting to just give up the fight.

But we all must hang in there and be very strong.
The battle will end soon; it won't take too long.
I will overcome cancer because I am strong,
With only happy thoughts nothing will go wrong.

by Steven Felker

It's a terrible disease that affects millions of lives.
It affects sons and daughters and husbands and wives.
People take the news different kinds of ways.
It makes some people cry and puts some in a daze.
Some people pray and fall down to their knees,
But you've got to be strong to beat this disease.
This fight can be won, believe it or not.
You just have to put your faith in God and pray a whole lot.  
So keep your head high.  You'll soon know the answer.
And you, too, will be a survivor of cancer.

"Well Done"
by Barbara Sanders

When all is said and all is done
I stand before Your glorious throne.
All I want is to hear You say,
"Good and faithful child, well done."

I want to live for You -
To seek Your will in all I do.
I want to live by Your power
And follow You in every hour.

I want to live within Your will.
I want to see Your kingdom grow.
In You I stretch beyond my past
And Your light in me must show.

I want to live for You - 
To seek Your face in all I do.
I want Your love to live in me
And trust Your goodness steadfastly.

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