Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wacky Wednesday -- Earthquake Tweets

My last several posts have been pretty heavy...I think it's time for a "Wacky Wednesday" post.  This afternoon, I ran across a link to some politically-themed tweets about yesterday's earthquake in Virginia.  They made me chuckle, and I think you may enjoy them too, whatever your political persuasion.

These are from the Washington Examiner website... 

@comradescott:  "Evidently the quake occurred on a little-known fault line outside of DC called "Bush's Fault."

@calebhowe:  "Breaking:  Obama administration points out they "inherited" fault lines from previous administrations."

@MaizeBlueNation:  "Fox News claims the Washington Monument is leaning to the right; MSNBC claims it's learning to the left.  More at 11."

@charliespiering:  "I won't stop shaking until Obama makes a speech telling me everything is ok and that he has a plan."

@Ben_Howe:  "As all of DC leaves work at the same time, the United States experiences a brief economic recovery."

And then I saw this on Facebook yesterday:  "What earthquake?  That was the founding fathers turning in their graves." 

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