Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tell About It Tuesday -- "50 Days of Heaven"

When it became pretty clear that, unless God intervened in a miraculous way, Hannah would be going to Heaven soon, I began reading the book "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn.  It's a great book, with an incredible amount of well-documented research behind it, but it is a huge book and very, very deep.  I got nearly half way through it, and finally just had to give up.  With all the emotion and grief of that time, I just couldn't sustain my focus.

Shortly after Hannah went to Heaven, this little book, "50 Days of Heaven" fell into my hands.  I say it fell into my hands because I honestly don't remember how it got there.  I don't remember if I bought it, or if someone gave it to me (if you gave it to me, I apologize, and Thank You!).  Grief can do some really strange things to your mind and your memories.

Anyway, this is an absolutely awesome little book.  We give it out to people we know who have lost loved ones, and we keep a large supply of them in our Anchor of Hope cabinet at church to pass along to those who have lost family members to cancer.  It takes the content of "Heaven" and breaks it up into fifty daily bite-sized readings.  Each chapter includes a Scripture, a quote from a well-known Christian, a lesson about Heaven, a thought-provoking question, and a prayer.  It is perfect for someone who is in the depths of grief, who can't sustain attention to read longer than about five minutes, and who may not even be able to find the words to pray. 

Randy Alcorn also has a book titled "Heaven for Kids", which is a great read for children who are grappling with the concept of Heaven following the death of a loved one.  Bethany and all of her cousins read it after Hannah's death, and I think it was a great help to them as they tried to understand where their sister/cousin was now living. 

Actually, if you see any book by Randy Alcorn -- fiction or nonfiction -- read it!  I guarantee, it will be good!!

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Cathie said...

I agree about Alcorn's books - he is a wonderful writer. There is a little booklet, pocket size, version of Heaven also and when my friend was dying, her family read it over and over to her and it really helped a lot. I try to always keep one on hand.