Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tell About It Tuesday -- True American Heroes

Yesterday I shared a little bit about Navy SEAL Adam Brown and his family.  If you'd like to learn more about Adam's amazing story, you view a documentary about his life at this website.  Once the site has loaded, click on "Patriot Profiles" in the left hand column.  From there, click on Adam's name.  Click on "View Full Story", and three videos will pop up.  The first is just a trailer of the video.  The Tribute to Adam Brown is actually in two parts, and each part takes about 12 minutes to watch.  Believe me, it will be 24 minutes well spent.  Have a box of Kleenex nearby...you'll need it.

When you watch that video, you'll see that a group of Adam's Navy SEAL teammates who came for his funeral jumped off a bridge in Hot Springs in tribute to Adam's adventurous spirit.  Here are a couple of pictures from that day. 

Every one of these young men lost their lives in the helicopter crash this weekend.

There are no words to express the magnitude of this loss for their families.  Please pray for Adam's parents, his brother, his twin sister, and his wife as they travel to Virginia this week.  God has uniquely equipped them to provide comfort and support, and they are going in obedience to Him.  I know they will appreciate your heartfelt prayers.
[8/15/11 -- Correction...Since I wrote this post, I found out that two of these young men were not on that Chinook helicopter.  However, all of the others were killed in the crash.]

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