Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wacky Wednesday -- The Dad Life

Several of my Facebook friends posted this video on their wall in honor of Father's Day this past weekend.  I got a real kick out of it when I watched it, because it sure reminded me of a particular Dad that I know very well.  From the gas station sunglasses, to the Dockers with cuffs & a crease, to the tears while watching Disney videos, to the devotion for his daughters...this video has Brad pegged.  What a great Dad he is!

Yesterday morning, Brad told me about a dream he'd had the night before.  We kind of consider it a big event in the family when any of us dreams about Hannah, and we always tell each other about it.  It doesn't happen that often, so when it does, it's always special. 

In his dream, he and Hannah were playing church league softball.  It's not really surprising that he would dream about that, because he and Bethany actually are playing church league softball this year on a co-ed team.  The surprising part would be that Hannah was playing softball at all ... she was not really the athletic type.  Oh, she tried to be when she was younger ... we did dance, soccer, and basketball when she was little, but by the time she got to high school, she was content to be the girl's basketball team manager.  Like her mom, she knew her limitations!

But in his dream, Hannah got up to bat and hit a ball to the fence.  The fact that she hit the ball at all tickled her, and she laughed and laughed as she tried to run the bases.  It slowed her down so much that she got thrown out at second.  And that's where the dream ended.  I loved hearing about that dream, because it was just so Hannah-like for her to laugh at herself like that.  He said that she was healthy and beautiful and happy in his dream.  What a comfort to know that she truly is healthy and beautiful and happy where she is now ... and who knows .. maybe she's playing on a softball team in Heaven!


A Mother's Love said...

What a sweet dream!

Thinking of y'all, Kelley

Cathie said...

Love the video - we all got a laugh out of it. The dream doesn't really sound like a dream to me. Very sweet whatever it was.