Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday -- Definitions

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose."  Romans 8:28

Have you ever wondered if God has different definitions for words than we do?  I've come to believe that maybe His definition of "good" is different from mine.  For example, my "good" would never include cancer, car accidents, war, or natural disasters.  My "good" would consist of healing of all diseases, protection from all accidents or evil, seeing both of my children live long and healthy lives, and dying peacefully in my sleep at a ripe old age. 

But in God's dictionary, could it be that "good" means anything that brings us closer to Him ... whatever that may be? 

That's just what I've been thinking about this Thursday.

"...Yet in the maddening maze of things,
And tossed by storm and flood,
To one fixed trust my spirit clings;
I know that God is good!"
~John Greeleaf Whittier


Paula Roberts said...

I too think that God's definition of "good" is anything that brings us closer to Him or brings Him glory, also bringing others to definition (and I think any human definition, initially) would not be God's definition. Your post today was very though provoking...the cost MIGHT be a little easier to understand if we knew the fruits to come from it ahead of time...possibly...

A Mother's Love said...

What a thing to think about. I've never thought of it that way, but you're right, He must mean anything that bring us closer to Him is good.

Thank you for opening my eyes to that. It makes me rethink a lot.

Love, Kelley