Friday, June 8, 2012

Free-For-All-Friday -- "State of the Blog"

It seems that lately the state of this blog could be summed up with just a few words ... "a little bit of nothing going on."  This entire spring has just been so crazy busy, and it has carried right on into the summer.  We've had company, then Relay for Life, then basketball camp, then Bethany's birthday ... so, today, I'm taking a breath.

I had only two things on my "to do" list today ... one was to donate blood, which once again was an epic fail.  Every time I've tried to donate recently, my iron has been too low, so I've been taking daily supplements.  I was just sure I'd be able to donate today, but no, my iron was one measly point too low.  I'm such a proponent of blood product donation because I've seen the difference it makes in so many lives, and I'm so frustrated when I'm unable to donate.  I'm going to keep taking my supplements and start eating raisins every day and try again in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, the other item on my "to do" list for today was to write a little "state of the blog" address.  My goal for this summer is to get back to blogging every day, (or as close to that as possible), following the format I started about this time last year ... Monday Mourning, which will feature posts related to grief/losing a child, Tell-About-It Tuesday, which will feature something I'm really excited about and what to share, Wacky Wednesday, which will feature something that I've found amusing during the week, Thoughtful Thursdays, which will feature something that's really had me thinking, and Free-For-All Fridays, which could be just about anything.  I'll also continue with my Ten on the Tenth posts, providing I can continue to come up with topics!

I also plan to acquire some blog design skills, which I hope to use in updating and making the blog more user-friendly.  That's what YouTube is for, right?  I know I could pay someone to do it for me, but I'd like to try to learn how to do it myself.  So, depending on my learning curve, you'll start seeing some changes to the blog over the next week or two, which I hope will make it a more enjoyable reading experience.

One thing that will not change ... my goal in writing this blog is to encourage others, especially those who are traveling the road of grief, and to exalt the name of Jesus.  I will prayerfully be pursuing that goal this summer.

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