Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Cancer Prayer

I have never posted twice in one day...much less twice in one evening. But I read this poem tonight on Jake Love's CaringBridge site and had to share it. I can relate to every single line of it. Jake is a little guy from Conway who has been battling brain cancer, and they just found out today that his cancer has spread to his spine. I've not met this family, but have been following their story for awhile...Please lift Jake and his family up in your prayers, and check out his website at

A Cancer Prayer
by Stephen R. Chance

Dear God, we have prayed often for you to rid our child's body of cancer and never let it come back. We have prayed often for you to spare his body the harsh effects of the treatments he must endure. We have prayed for mercy and strength. But we have not yet prayed for the things about cancer we would like to keep.

Please let us keep the love that has been laid bare and that binds our family, our friends, and our community.

Please let us keep our preference to be together.

Please let us keep our appreciation for simple pleasures.

Please let us keep our ability to not sweat the small stuff.

Please let us keep our tolerance for each other's mistakes.

Please let us keep our focus on each other's needs.

Please let us keep our patient smiles responsive to normal childhood conflicts rather than the irritation that could so easily ensue.

Please let us keep our tendency to treat others tenderly knowing that we don't know all the heartbreaks they have felt.

Please let us keep the ease with which new acquaintances become good friends.

Please let us keep our enhanced appreciation for nature.

Please let us keep our motivation to live vigorously now rather than planning to live later.

Please let us keep our calling to help others fight cancer with better weapons and smarter generals.

Please let us keep our need to reciprocate the wonderfully kind favors we have received.

Please let us keep the strength to press on when faced with other illnesses, deaths, and human tragedies.

Please let us keep You at the center of our lives during good times, too.



Laura said...

Thank you Jill for posting this poem. I am a friend of Susie Spencer's. I follow your blog. I am a cancer survivor. I was reaching the end of my treatment and lost my brother-in-law to cancer just before you lost your precious Hannah. Your thoughts have brought many tears, but ministered to me in a way I can't describe. Thank you for your faithfulness to minister to hurting souls.

Laura Cooke
Greenwood, AR

Anonymous said...

This is an uplifting poem. My brother is 34 yo and has advanced gastric cancer, I see him diminishing daily before my eyes and this poem really lifted my spirits. I posted it but I changed to his name as a prayer for him. Thanks so much.