Sunday, May 30, 2010

Amazing Grace

Well, graduation is behind us. Friday could probably best be described as a very "heavy" day for us emotionally. All day, the weight of grief was just as present and palpable as it was right after Hannah's homegoing. Brad operated pretty much on autopilot all day while he oversaw the senior breakfast, graduation practice, the senior drive (all the seniors drive their vehicles around and around the school, honking and hollering) and finally, the actual graduation ceremony. He presented the Hannah Sullivan memorial scholarship while encouraging the students to remember what the lessons they learned from Hannah's life: loyal friendship, love for family, and trust in God. Then he called the names of each graduating senior and they came forward and received their diplomas. And somehow he managed to do it with a smile on his face, even as he went through the "S's" without calling Hannah's name. I was so proud of him. One of the teachers told me later that they felt that his ability to do all that was due to "amazing grace", and I couldn't agree more. God's grace can give us strength to do things we would never dream we could do apart from it. The last sixteen months have taught me that and so much more!

Then today we had the opportunity to share our testimony at a church in Arkadelphia. It's been awhile since we've shared, and it was so refreshing. Each time, it seems, the blessing (for us) is greater than the time before. We have several more opportunities coming up this summer, and are looking forward to each one. God has given us a story to share, and we want to make the most of every opportunity we have to do so!


Misti Strasner said...

Jerry and I were on our way back from Rogers Friday night and when the clock got to 7:00 p.m, I immediately thought of you all. I can't think of anyone who exibits courage and strength more than you and Mr. Sullivan.

Anonymous said...

Time doesn't heal, but it helps. I keep telling myself that as we adjust to our most recent family loss. People say I'm strong and brave, but you and I know that isn't true...we simply believe. That's the secret of getting through and pushing on. Thanks for showing others the way through the sorrow that life throws our way. Maybe I'll see you at St. Paul on the 13th....Dee Ludwig

Sherri Smith said...

Prayed for you all on Friday several times throughout the day and I know that God was with you and Brad both at the ceremony. So glad we never have to live without God's amazing grace!