Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request

Tonight, I want to pass along a new prayer request. There is a young lady named Molly McKim who lives in Fort Smith. I've never actually met her or her family, but her mom and I have become rather close via emails. We have both experienced the helplessness of watching our daughter's health deteriorate. Molly suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Wilson's Disease, in which the liver does not metabolize copper properly. She was an active, independent college freshman when she suddenly began to suffer from increasingly debilitating neurological symptoms. She had to withdraw from school and has become completely dependent upon her parents, even having to be fed through a PEG tube. It is believed that a liver transplant could fully restore her health, and she has been at the top of the transplant list at UAMS for several months. This evening, the family received word that a liver has become available. They are currently traveling from Fort Smith to Little Rock, and her surgery is scheduled for 4:00 a.m. This is actually the third time they've been called. The first time, Molly was actually on the table, prepped for surgery, when they decided the liver was not healthy enough. The second time, they were on the way, when it was decided that that particular liver should go to someone else. So, please join with me in praying for Molly and her family tonight as they are traveling to Little Rock, and as she undergoes surgery in the morning. I know the emotions must be overwhelming right now. There is a link to her CaringBridge site in the right hand column of my blog, if you would like to follow her story.

Also, please continue to pray for Jedidiah Harper and his family. He has done really well since his surgeries last week, and he will go in tomorrow for his first chemotherapy treatment. An overwhelmingly emotional day for his parents, as well. You can link to his blog from here as well..."Harper House--Jeremiah's Testimony" in the right hand column. In her latest blog, his mom shares how much he's enjoying receiving get-well cards. If you'd like to send him one, here's the address: Jed Harper, P. O. Box 123, Story, AR 71970.

I promise, I will get back to the topic of "joy". I was going to do that tonight, but when I heard about Molly's transplant opportunity, I really felt impressed to share her story with you. Check back soon, and maybe I'll be back on topic!

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