Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break Is Over!

Well, today marks the end of spring break week in Arkansas. For the first time ever, all public schools in Arkansas took the same week for spring break, so there have been lots of people on vacation over the last several days. I've actually spent nearly the entire week by myself, while Brad and Bethany have been on a snow skiing trip with our church youth group. I didn't say anything in my last few posts about them being can't be too careful about revealing to the world wide web that you are staying alone for a week!

Bethany had never been skiing before, and apparently she took to it like a duck to water. Very unlike her mother. I attempted snowskiing 20-something years ago, and it was a colossal fail. So rather than spend the money to accompany the youth group to Colorado and not ski, I decided to stay home and not ski for free. I am quite content to stay by myself, and I really enjoyed my time alone this week. Of course, I sure was glad to see them yesterday when they got off the bus after their 23 hour ride home. Here are a few pictures from their big adventure:

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Anonymous said...

Looks like sooooo much fun! I miss skiing and being cold...sometimes. ;) Glad you each enjoyed your Spring Break doing things that you like. Miss you all! ~ Laura