Saturday, October 3, 2009

Report from Indonesia

I've had several people ask me how my family in Indonesia is doing, following the devastating earthquakes over there. Well, they are doing fine. They actually live quite far from where the affected area...similar to living in Arkansas and an earthquake happening in California. There is an MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) presence in that part of Indonesia, though, and they are involved in the relief efforts over there. Please pray for their safety and for opportunities to share their faith in the midst of all the death and destruction. I was able to visit with my brother on Skype tonight for awhile, and he and his family are still displaced due to the heavy smoke and drought conditions in central Borneo. They are having to live with other missionary families, and it's difficult to live in such unsettled conditions. He is having a lot of opportunities to fly, though, and that's great. Please continue to pray for replenishing, cleansing rains in that part of the country so they can return home.

These are my precious nieces, Julia and Katie. And yes, though they are exactly two years apart, they are nearly the same size! Julia is very petite, and Katie is...well...not. You may remember from a previous post, Julia is the one who always called Hannah "Arnie". My brother told me a story about her tonight that I thought was so cute. He said that she has begun pretending like she's flying a plane to "mecca". At first they were very confused (and probably a little concerned!), wondering why she wanted to go to there, but they finally realized she meant "America"! What a brilliant child!

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