Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Praise and a Prayer Request

First the praise...My brother is home! Well, he's not "home", as we think of "home", here in the United States, but he and his family have finally been able to return to their home in Indonesia. When they got back yesterday, they found that fires had burned up to the very edge of their town, even destroying some of the buildings on the outskirts. They're just so glad to be back in their own house (one they had only been in for a couple of months before they had to evacuate) and not having to share their living quarters with another family. Thank you for your prayers for them. I am grateful that they are comfortable enough in Indonesia to consider it "home".

Now the prayer request...Bethany has been asked to share her testimony tomorrow night at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes-sponsored event called "Fields of Faith". She has shared her story several times, but this will be by far her largest audience. The event will be held at a football stadium in Hot Springs, and there should be a big crowd there. There will be several speakers throughout the evening, so she will not be the only one, but she is understandably nervous about the event. Please pray that God will give her the words she needs to say, and that the students will hear what He wants them to hear. I will try to take some pictures and post them tomorrow night!

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Carolyn Nivens said...

Tom told us she would be speaking, and we have already been praying for her. I have no doubt that God will work in her as she speaks. Tell her we have her back in prayer! Thank you all for your wonderful faith and testimony. It has blessed me on many occasions.

Carolyn Nivens