Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Wow...I can't believe how long it's been since I posted. It's not for lack of desire...it's simply been a lack of time. We have literally not had an evening at home for the past two weeks. Tonight's been wonderful...an opportunity to get caught up on several things that have been left undone in recent days.

First, I wanted to post a couple of pictures that were taken over the weekend by my sister-in-law, Maria. On Saturday, all of the Sullivan cousins, including baby Faith, were at the "deer camp" in Briggsville, which is in rural Yell County. (Actually, I think all of Yell County is rural!) Maria, who is a great photographer, took the opportunity to get some family photos. Here's Bethany (top right) with all of her cousins...yes, they're all girls on this side of the family!

Hannah was the oldest of the cousins...she was fortunate enough to be the first grandchild on either side! As such, she definitely got some special treatment!

And another picture...here's Bethany in her "country girl" pose:
Hannah loved spending time at the deer camp with her cousins. So much so, that when we had to make a decision regarding where she would be buried, there was no question that it would be at Briggsville. There's a small cemetery there where Hannah's great grandparents are buried, as well as several other Sullivan family relatives. It's a beautiful place, and I will share more about it in an upcoming post.


Wes said...

Yes, Thanks Maria for the Pics. Jill, they had a great time taking these. It was a perfect day for pictures. The girls are getting old:(

lynn said...

Jill, Just wanted to tell you that Bethany is beautiful!!

Maria Sullivan said...

I had a ton of fun taking the pictures and they all turned out so well. I have more to tell you about the pictures in person next week! We have such beautiful children and are so blessed. I really missed Hannah a lot in these pictures. I love ya!