Monday, August 3, 2009

Praises & Prayer Requests!'s so hard to believe it's August 3rd already! Usually by this time of the summer, I'm beginning to feel the need for a routine again, and I'm ready for school to start back. This summer, I would be quite happy to have another three months of no routine! Last week was a nice week...Bethany got to spend some time with her cousins in northern Arkansas and learned to wakeboard and ski.

Doesn't she look like she's having fun? I was able to have some "Girl Time" with two of my best, eating, shopping again, eating some more...what could be sweeter? We're trying to squeeze as much fun as we can out of these last couple weeks of summer!

On another topic, I spoke with another good friend at church yesterday and she shared a wonderful story with me. She and her husband just returned from a mission trip to Alaska, where she had the opportunity to share Hannah's story with a group of teenage girls. She said they were especially interested in the story because they were all around the same age as Hannah, and they listened carefully, expecting a happy ending. When Beverly got to the end of the story, they were stunned that it did not end the way they thought it should have. This opened up an opportunity for Beverly to share the hope of Christ with them, and before long three girls accepted Him as their Savior. Please pray for these girls: Bethanie, Bethany, and Hailey (interesting that two of them shared a name with our Bethany!) as they begin their Christian walk.

I also wanted to give you updates on Lauren Crook and Mallory Turner. First, Lauren...Here's today's update from her Mom:

"Lauren was able to have scans Friday under sedation. We are so thankful to announce the remaining portion of the tumor has shrunk to some degree and the MS lesions are getting better. Dr. Archer wants to do a low dosage round of chemo to help put the MS lesions in an inactive state. If you remember, this was the course of action taken almost two years ago. It was very successful then and we pray it will be successful now. We plan to see all of her doctors this week and hope to know more on the next steps in this process. There is still remaining tumor and we pray it will completely go away. I will send out additional information as I find out after these appointments later in the week. Lance and I can’t even begin to tell you how elated we are over this news. A heavy burden has been lifted from our hearts. We ask that everyone please rejoice and praise God for this wonderful news. We can’t tell you how blessed we feel over this report."

Mallory continues to recover from her injury and surgery. She has movement in her shoulders, and limited use of her arms, but cannot use her hands or her legs right now. It's hard for them to determine how much use she will get back at this point, due to swelling around the injury. Brad is in Little Rock today and tomorrow for workshops, and he is planning to stop by and visit with her and her family while he's there, so hopefully I'll have some more news to pass along soon. We are praying that she will be fully restored to health!

One other request...please take a look at Ben Fields' CaringBridge site and be praying for him (there's a link on my blog in the right-hand column--look for CaringBridge--Mr. Ben). Ben is a little guy with Menkes Syndrome, which is a condition where the body does not produce enough copper. The prognosis for babies with this syndrome is not good, and Ben is really struggling with lots of health issues right now. He was admitted to Children's Hospital yesterday with breathing problems. Please also keep his mom and dad, Jamie and Travis, in your prayers as well.

Finally...I've added something new to my blog...if you look over in the right hand column, you'll see a link that says, "Hannah's Story in E-Mails". If you click on that, you can find a summary of Hannah's story, as well as all the emails we sent during the year she was sick. I finally figured out how to group them together for easy access...I'm still figuring out how to do this blogging thing!

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