Friday, March 29, 2013

Free-for-all-Friday -- Things I'm Excited About

Before I list the things I'm excited about on this Free-For-All-Friday, let me give you an update on the bone marrow donor opportunity I shared about a few weeks ago.  My husband had been contacted about the possibility of being a bone marrow donor for a one year old girl with leukemia.  We've been waiting to hear back from them, and finally received an email from the National Bone Marrow Donor Program this week.  Turns out they believed he would be a suitable donor, "however, the patient is not ready for a transplant at this time."  I'm hopeful that means her treatments are working.  The email also said that the likelihood of Brad being chosen as a donor for another patient is increased because of the activity on his donor record, and, of course, he could still be chosen as a donor for this little girl if they decide to go forward with her transplant.  We would be so grateful if we could have this opportunity to give back in this way.

So what am I excited about tonight?

-- First of all ... I'm home!  It's a weeknight, and I'm at home!  Between softball games, track meets, church activities, and While We're Waiting events, our nights at home are few and far between.  But for tonight, we're home, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

-- Bethany and I are going shopping together tomorrow.  Prom is approaching, and while we already have "the dress", she still needs shoes and accessories.  I love shopping with my girl.  I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have her.  So. Thankful.

-- We have no plans for tomorrow night.  Two nights at home in a row?  Contented sigh.

-- I'm going to cook a nice Easter dinner for our family on Sunday.  No, I don't usually get that excited about cooking, but it's been so long since we've had a nice sit-down family meal together, I'm actually a little giddy about the prospect.

-- Our next While We're Waiting Weekend for Parents will be kicking off one week from tonight.  These events are always such an incredible blessing.  I can not wait for next weekend!  (We've actually had a couple of last-minute cancellations ... if you've lost a child and are interested in coming, click on the tabs above for more information or to register.)

-- I'm excited about Easter.  Not because of chocolate bunnies or colorful eggs, but because of what this holiday means to me.  At our While We're Waiting support group this past week, one of the moms said that someone had asked her if she was going to be sad because this would be her first Easter without her son.  And she said that of all of the firsts, this one would be the least hard.  And that's because she knew that it was only because of Easter that her son lives today.  And that is so true ... because He lives, our children live.  And because of His sacrifice on the cross, we will see them again one day.  And there's nothing more exciting than that!

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