Saturday, September 29, 2012

Free for All Friday -- on Saturday!

Is it really the 29th of September?  How is that even possible?

The days and weeks seem to be just flying by.  Guess that means we're keeping busy!  Here are a few things we've been up to recently...

1.  Bethany and I went on our first college visit!  She already knows she wants to be a Razorback, and she even has a roommate lined up, so we had a great time visiting the campus of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  We got the full campus tour, which was fun, and toured a couple of residence halls.  We came home and filled out the online application form ... now we're just waiting for formal approval.  Then, we start the scholarship application process!  The way Razorback football has been going lately, we're thinking maybe she can get a football scholarship!  :)

2.  The day after we got home from our trip to Fayetteville, we had Bethany's senior pictures taken!  The photographer is a friend of mine, and she and her husband create the monthly newsletters for the Anchor of Hope Cancer ministry.  She is a fantastic photographer and you can check out her website here.  She made the session so much fun ... I think she was as excited as we were about it!  We don't have the pictures yet, but here's a sneak peek.  It's not the greatest quality picture ... I took it with my phone ... but you can kind of get the idea.

3.  I've also been keeping busy working on "While We're Waiting" stuff.  In the wake of our non-profit approval by the IRS, I've been doing all of the paperwork necessary for Arkansas approval.  And, just like before, I really have no idea what I'm doing.  Hopefully, I've done enough right to get us approved without any major problems.  

4.  Speaking of "While We're Waiting", I've been humbled and awed by the number of people who have been registering for our upcoming events.  Our Dads' Weekend is coming up in two weeks (Oct. 12-14), and it is nearly full ... we have room for one more Dad if you know someone who might like to come.  Our Parents' Weekend scheduled for November 2-4 is full, and we have had to close registration.  So, wee have scheduled another one for April 5-7, and already have two parents registered.  Our Moms' Day scheduled for January 19 is full, and we've closed registration for that one, but we have already set another one for March 9.  And God is sending folks from all over the country ... in addition to Arkansas, we have from Moms and Dads coming from Texas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Nebraska, and even New York.  God is blessing this ministry, and we are grateful.

5.  I saw on TV this morning that there are only 38 days until the election.  That's hard to believe.  I cannot imagine an election more important to the future of our nation.  Please, please educate yourself about the issues and vote!

6.  I'm still reading the classics on my treadmill in the mornings ... just finished Don Quixote, and started The House of the Seven Gables yesterday.  I didn't love Don Quixote, but at least now I know what a Quixotic character is when I hear that term.  And you never know when that knowledge might come in handy.

7.  Made some Pinterest cookies this afternoon.  They are awesome ... in fact, they're already almost gone.  So far, I've only tried one Pinterest recipe that turned out to be a total flop.  It's so nice to have some new things to cook for a change!

8.  Looking forward to the cooler weather that's supposed to move into Arkansas next week.  I'm ready for some "hoodie weather"!

9.  I need to close out this post, because it's almost time to Skype with my family in Indonesia ... something I look forward to every week!

Oh, and guess what!?!  I had written about half of this post, then saved it and took a little trip to Wal-Mart.  When I got back home, I checked the mail, and found an envelope from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration in my box ... addressed to "While We're Waiting".  I quickly tore into it, and Yes!  WWW has been approved as a nonprofit corporation in the state of Arkansas!  Just one more step forward for this ministry!  Praise God!

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Cathie said...

All good things - smiling the whole time I read your blog. Thanks for sharing! And, yes, a football scholarship might be doable... :) Hopefully next year will be better for the Hogs. (It has to be if Bethany is there cheering them on, right?)