Friday, August 3, 2012

Free-For-All Friday -- Olympics-Palooza!

We've been watching the Olympics more or less non-stop at our house this week.  I've been a fan of the Olympic games ever since I was a little girl watching Nadia Comanechi score perfect tens.  Yes, ever since I built my own balance beam out of a tree trunk (with my brother's help) and forced my parents to repeatedly watch what I was sure would be gold-medal winning performances someday.  Never mind that I was already 5'8" at the age of 11, and had the coordination of a drunken sailor.  Hey, anybody can have an Olympic dream ... right?

Now, I'm perfectly content to just watch the gymnastics competition on TV ... and hey, how about those USA girls, huh?  I would say they've represented us well.  Here's hoping things start looking up for the guys as the competition goes on.

So, here are a few random thoughts about the Olympics as our theme for this Free-For-All Friday!

  • I always love watching the opening ceremonies.  Last Friday night, we watched them with our good friends, the Browns, in our hotel room in Wynne, on the eve of our While We're Waiting Moms' Mini-Retreat.  I got a kick out of the queen "parachuting" into the Olympic stadium.
  • I think it's funny that we will watch sports that we would never otherwise watch, just because it's the Olympics.  I mean, really, if you were flipping through the channels one evening and landed on water polo, would you stop and watch it?  Or judo?  Or fencing?  Or badminton?  But we watch all of those things, just because it's the Olympics and we want our team to win!
  • Speaking of water polo, how on earth do those people tread water that long?  It makes me tired just to watch!
  • Have you ever noticed that watching the Olympics makes everybody an expert?  "Did you see that step he took on his dismount ... that will be at least a .67 deduction"; or "Did you notice that big splash ... that's because she wasn't vertical upon entry into the water ... that's going to hurt her score."  Of course, I would never say anything like that!
  • Just how many swimming events are there?  No wonder these swimming people win multiple medals (not to take anything away from their accomplishments) ... There are just so many different races!
  • Did you know that gold medals aren't actually gold?  They are 92.5% silver (just like the silver medals), but are plated with at least six grams of gold.  The last Olympic gold medal that was actually gold was awarded back in 1912.  Hmmmm....Who knew?
  • I like the winter Olympics, but I think the summer Olympics are my favorite.  Summer Olympics has gymnastics, diving, synchronized swimming (yes, I know that means I'm a dork), equestrian, track and field, even trampoline events!  All so much fun to watch!
  • These Proctor & Gamble "Mom" commercials are killing me.  Tearjerkers, all of them.
  • So far, my favorite quote from the Olympics has come from Gabby Douglas, after she won her gold medal in the gymnastics all-around.  She said, "I give all the glory to God.  It's kind of a win-win situation.  The glory goes up to Him, and all the blessings fall down on me."  

And I think that's a perfect way to wrap up this Free-For-All Friday!  :)


Kelle said...

Hi :) Not sure is you read this on my FaceBook page... Thought I'd share on there since you mentioned the Olympics.....Gabby Douglas, the young lady that won the "GOLD" ~ LOOK at her last name "DOUGLAS" unscrambled is~ "USA GOLD"
: )

Kelle said...

I meant ~ Share on here : )

Kelle said...

WOW! Not a good typing day for me! Sorry for ALL the mistakes & typo's.... : )

Jill Sullivan said...

Haha, Kelle! I knew exactly what you meant the first time ... You're just like me -- can't stand to leave an error! And yes, it is very cool that her last name unscrambles to USA GOLD! I was so disappointed for McKayla Maroney last night! :(