Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tell About It Tuesday -- Mission Hot Springs

Last week, our church (Hot Springs Baptist Church) embarked on a very ambitious mission project.  Over three hundred volunteers in blue t-shirts spread out all over the entire community to share the love of Christ with the people of Hot Springs.

These volunteers were divided into several teams, each with a different responsibility for the week.  Breakfast and supper were provided each day for the volunteers by the Meal Team.  After these times of food and fellowship, teams headed out all over town...

  • Backyard Bible Clubs were held in the mornings in public parks all over the city.
  • Block parties were held in the evenings in neighborhoods all over the city.
  • Construction teams undertook a number of projects for folks whose homes were in desperate need of repairs.
  • Evangelism teams witnessed door-to-door in neighborhoods all over the city.
  • Prayer Walker teams walked through neighborhoods all over the city, praying for all of the residents.
  • Encourager teams delivered homemade cookies to shut-ins and hospital patients, and hosted a mid-week cook-out for nearly 600 city and county employees in downtown Hot Springs.
  • Vacation Bible School was held on site at Hot Springs Baptist Church.
  • Childcare teams cared for the children of volunteers, so they could participate in the Mission Hot Springs activities.
  • Transportation teams took care of bringing all the other teams to and from the church as they participated in these activities.
The week culminated with a Family Fun Night, hosted on site at Hot Springs Baptist Church.  There were all kinds of activities for the kids, along with lots of free food.  I was the cotton candy lady for the evening.  Let's just say things got a little sticky!

Over the course of the week, 43 people made decisions for Christ!  What a harvest!  Plans are already in the works for Mission Hot Springs 2, coming up the last week of June, 2013.  Can't wait!  :)

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Kecia said...

That is awesome--I love examples of missions at home as well as away. :)