Saturday, March 3, 2012

State Tournament Wrap-Up

Well, the Lady Panthers' moment in the sun was brilliant, but unfortunately, rather short-lived.

Their first game on Friday was a huge success, against a team that had a 30-2 record coming into the game.  I'll let the scoreboard speak for itself...

Yes, we were the "Visitors"!  This win put our team into the "Elite Eight", or the top eight teams in the state for our size category.

The girls went into Friday's game with high hopes, but came out with a disappointing loss.  The final score was 53-45, which really doesn't reflect how close the game was.  It was back and forth the whole game, with several lead changes, but we were forced to foul down the stretch in an attempt to get the ball back.  Unfortunately, they were excellent free throw shooters, and did not miss.

So now, we move on to life after basketball.  I'm already becoming a little bit giddy, just thinking about all those nice evenings we can spend at home instead of at the gym.  And Bethany's just a junior, so we still have one more year to look forward to.  She'll be turning her attention to high jumping now.  Track season is definitely less busy, and I think we're all looking forward to that!

Congratulations on a great season, Lady Panthers!  It was fun!

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