Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tell About It Tuesday -- While We're Waiting Mom's Day

We had our third "While We're Waiting" Mini-Retreat for Bereaved Moms on Saturday, and God gave us another amazing day.

Five moms came and blessed us by sharing their children's stories with us.  One of these dear moms had lost two children, and one had lost four.  Yes, four.  A son and a daughter were stillborn, one son was killed in a car accident, and another son was murdered.  I was rendered speechless by the enormity of her loss.  This mom was raised in an orthodox Jewish home, and did not accept Jesus as her Messiah until after her children's deaths.  She became involved in Bible Study Fellowship as a self-described "bitter old woman" and her life was transformed.  She floored me when she made the statement, "Knowing Christ is worth any cost."  What a testimony.

This particular Mom's Day was a little different than the other two we've had, simply because of the group that God put together.  Each of these moms was at least eight years out from the time she'd lost her child or children.  That gave our conversation a depth and richness that could only come from experience with deep pain and grief.  I really think that we hostesses (who are only two and three years out from our losses) may have benefited more from the conversation than anyone!  I also think the day provided these ladies with an opportunity just to talk about their kids...something they don't often have the opportunity to do since so much time has passed.

Here's our group picture...I fell in love with these ladies on Saturday!

We are blessed to have two ladies who bless us with their "decorating ministry."  Before every Mom's Day, they come and work their magic on Janice's already beautiful home.  This time, they transformed her dining room table into a sparkling winter scene.

And, of course, there are the obligatory pictures of the food.  First, the appetizer, which in Food Channel lingo was "Cold roasted pork tenderloin encrusted with truffle salt and cracked pepper with buttered croutons, horseradish butter cheese, and caramelized onion marmalade."

Then, the salad, which was "Wedge of iceburg with Thai dressing made from sunflower seeds, yellow tomatoes, carrots, and curried Chinese noodles." 

This was followed by the intermezzo..."strawberry sorbet with blueberries and ginger ale."  I wish I could cleanse my palate with this every day! 

Then it was time for the entree'.  It was amazing!  Check out the "chicken osso bucco with garlic red skin potatoes, braised brussels sprouts with bacon and carrots with a white teriyaki sauce."

Finally...what we'd all been waiting for -- dessert!  This was "chocolate mousse with strawberries and raspberry sauce."  It was oh, so good!

And no, I didn't have all those Food Channel descriptions memorized.  Our awesome chef, Chef Franklin, provided me with those.

All in all, this particular "While We're Waiting" Mom's Mini-Retreat was a real blessing for me in particular.  I was so touched listening to the testimonies of these ladies as they shared the lives of their precious children with us, and how their faith had carried them through the years.  I simply felt honored and privileged that God allowed me to be a part of this special day.


Cathie said...

Thanks for sharing, especially the story of the precious woman who lost 4 children. Another person I hope to meet some day. (Also loved the pics of the food but... it all looked so beautiful I'm not sure it's really meant to be eaten...) I'm sure there's a well done (Heavenly version of Good JOb!!!???) waiting for all of you some day...

Sharon Mom at Last said...

Thank you so much for this post! It is so heartwarming and inspirational. We loved it so much we added it to our website, http://www.momatlast.com under our Moms in Waiting Section! http://www.momatlast.com/moms/moms-in-waiting/while-were-waiting-moms-day/ Every Mom has a Journey... Thank you so much for this!

Kelle said...

WOW! Thanks so much for sharing~

Jill Sullivan said...

Thank you all so much...I really think this particular Mom's Day was more of a blessing to Janice and I than to any of the Moms who came. Such wonderful testimonies they had, and such wisdom they shared. I love your website, Sharon...Thanks for sharing my post!