Monday, January 16, 2012


We are SO EXCITED here at the Sullivan household!  Well, wouldn't you be if this kind of cuteness was headed to your house?

Those are my nieces, Katie and Julia, and they will be flying into Little Rock around 8:45 this evening.  And they are coming all the way from Indonesia!  Yes, their parents will be with them....and we're absolutely giddy about seeing them, too, don't get me wrong....but I'm not gonna lie...we are Excited with a capital E about seeing these two little girls.  

The last time we saw my brother's family was June of 2009, just a few months after Hannah went to Heaven.  Katie was not even three months old.  They are full-time missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship, and they have been in Indonesia for the past six years.  They've been home one other time during that stretch of time, when their furlough just "happened" to fall during Hannah's last months of life.  Amazing how God works those things out, isn't it?  

Here's a picture from that time.  We were at Children's Hospital where Hannah was about to get a platelet infusion.  Julia was enthralled by an episode of Dora the Explorer on TV....a whole new experience for her!  A good day.

So, now you know why we're so excited at our house.  The blog may be "going dark" for a couple of weeks while they're here...We want to enjoy every minute we have with them.  See you then!


Kelle said...

Enjoy your family~

A Mother's Love said...

How exciting, enjoy your time with them!!!