Sunday, September 11, 2011

Three Things I'm Looking Forward To...

1.  Let me introduce you to two beautiful girls.  Meet Katie Joy and Julia Brooke.  They are my nieces who live in Indonesia...the ones we haven't seen in over two years now.  They were born exactly two years apart, and their parents jokingly say that one is made out of rubber and one is made out of china.  Can you tell which one is which just by looking at them?  I bet you can! 

Katie and Julia (and their parents, of course) will be coming to Arkansas in January!!  My brother, who is a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship has to come back to the States for some training, and they will be here for a few months.  Most of that time will be spent in Idaho, but we'll take whatever time we can get with them!

2.  Starting this Wednesday night, I'll be leading the Beth Moore Bible study, "The Patriarchs."  Well, technically, I guess Beth will be leading it...I'll just be facilitating it.  I've been studying the materials over the past few weeks, and it's going to be an excellent study.  If you live in the area and don't have a church commitment on Wednesday nights, I'd love for you to come.  It will be from 5:45 to 7:15 at Hot Springs Baptist Church, and will last for 11 weeks.  We'll be doing the introductory session this week.  I'm really looking forward to it!

3.  This Saturday, we'll be hosting our second "While We're Waiting" Mini-Retreat for Bereaved Moms.  Six precious Moms are coming for a day of pampering, Christian fellowship, and encouragement.  We had our final planning meeting at Janice's house Thursday evening, and we left there so energized and encouraged ourselves.  There are two wonderful ladies who have contributed their time and God-given talent to decorate Janice's already-lovely home just for this event....the fall theme they have chosen is just beautiful.  There could not be a more perfect setting for our time together.  I literally cannot wait to spend the day with these Moms on Saturday!

So, there you have it...three things I'm really looking forward to.  You know, when you're in the deepest, darkest days of grief, it's hard to imagine you'll ever look forward to anything again.  So I am very, very thankful for things to look forward to!

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Cathie said...

You are doing some neat things! Will pray they all go well, especially the Sat. retreat. Really thankful God uses you the way He does.