Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ouachita Baptist University Blog-About

Today, I'm participating in the second annual OBU BlogAbout, in honor of my Alma Mater's 125th birthday.  Each Tuesday in September, we blogging OBU alums will be assigned a topic to write about.  Today's assignment is to write about our favorite OBU memory.  As I thought about what to write, I realized it would be impossible for me to single out one memory and designate it as my favorite.  So, instead, I've decided to simply make a list of all the great memories that come to mind when I think of my time at OBU (1984-1988)....

--Moving into Flippen 212 as a freshman and thinking that Gina Baker (Allen) and I had the most awesome dorm room ever.  I don't ever remember feeling like our room was small...but those rooms sure seemed to have shrunk in size when I recently visited OBU!

--Getting mail from home in OBU Box 3084, especially letters from my little brother, Steve, who was starting first grade when I started my freshman year of college.  Last time I was at OBU, I could still open that mailbox...I don't think I'll ever forget the combination.

--Ordering pizza from Domino's and giving our names as "Peg Board" and "Pete Moss".  We would laugh so hard when the pizza would arrive with that name written on the box.

--That computer dating match thing the Kappa Chi's did every year...and always being disappointed with who was on my list!

--Watching "The Jungle Book" in Mitchell Hall, and everybody loudly singing along with all the songs.

--Work study in the history department my freshman year as Dr. Slavens's secretary...Lots of very interesting experiences in that role!

--Strategically choosing which chapels to skip over the course of a semester, based on how long-winded we thought the speaker might be.

--Getting parking tickets for parking illegally while just "running in" to Frances-Crawford for something I forgot.  Not really a good memory, but it's just kind of funny to think back to how those $20 tickets constituted a major financial disaster for a poor college student!

--Conniving all kinds of ways to stay out past curfew so we could stay at the functions until the end like the upperclassmen could.

--Richwoods Baptist Church, especially Van & Julie Barrett's Sunday School class.

--Those PE classes that you didn't really have to go to to get credit.

--The swaying, wobbling, shaking bridge, back in the days before the "gum tree".

--The way Mr. Cole taught history...like a novel, without ever looking at his notes.

--The way Dr. Nesbit jumped off his desk on the first day of class.  I think he was demonstrating something about gravity maybe...

--Serenades and run throughs!  I especially loved serenades after I became a KX little sis...It was so awesome to have them get down and one knee and sing just to me.  And those Kappas could sing!

--The Sigma Alpha Sigma cannon at the football games.

--TWIRP week...even though I was pretty much too shy to ask anybody my freshman year.

--Being a nerd in Tiger Tunes my freshman year.  As freshmen, we really didn't know what Tiger Tunes was all about...I really think our performance was pretty terrible.  We certainly didn't win anything!

--Rush week and pledge week...I loved being a Chi Delta!  My favorite part of rush week was always Wizard of Oz night.  Even pledge week was fun....now that I look back on it, anyway!

--Dressing down for Ruby's Truck Stop and dressing up for Harvest Moon.

--When the Red Shirt pledges had to stand and "moo" by the milk machine in Walt's.

--Going to New Orleans with all of the speech pathology majors for the American Speech-Language-Hearing convention. All of us Southern Baptist girls sure got our eyes opened when we walked down Bourbon Street together!

--Hearing Jimmy Carter speak at OBU's 100th anniversary celebration. I honestly don't remember a thing he said, but I sure was fascinated by all the secret service people!

--Being exempt from semester tests...that sure was a good feeling.

--Noonday...especially when a friend was speaking or singing.

--Meeting the man of my dreams at a function at the Arkadelphia skating rink!

--Watching lots and lots of OBU baseball games...the aforementioned man of my dreams was first baseman Brad Sullivan.

--Mom Chu saying, "Sit up, please", whenever I was sitting in the Frances-Crawford lobby with said baseball player.

--No longer hearing Mom Chu say, "Sit up, please", after I married the baseball player the summer before my senior year and his junior year.  We could then snuggle on our own couch all we wanted to!


Angie said...

What GREAT memories!!!

Kecia said...

Okay, I wrote my blogabout memory post before reading anyone else's--this is the second one I've read and so far they all start the same way!!! It's making me laugh. :) And all your memories made me smile!

Anonymous said...

great memories! seriously, peg board and pete moss??? i'm still laughing about that one!

Anonymous said...

I love these! We must have just overlapped. I was there from 87-91. I was a KX Lil Sis, too! They were the very best serenaders, hands down!

Whitney Schellhammer said...

Hello! I stumbled across your blog while searching for something OBU related, and I noticed you were a Chi Delta!! First off, I loved reading all of your memories! Second,I pledged Chi Delta in '05 and was president my last semester at OBU. So many great memories were made there and a lot were with my Chi Delta sisters!! Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane!!

Jill Sullivan said...

You're welcome, Whitney! Nice to "meet" a fellow Chi Delta! :)