Monday, July 20, 2009

G & G Camp 2009

We had a wonderful time in Texas! Meeting the members of the Cancer Ministry Support group in Allen was such a blessing...those folks are living proof of the fact that you can really continue to "live", even though you have (or have had) cancer. We also had some great family time while we were there, enjoying our visit with baby Faith (and her parents, of course!) and doing some fun things together, just the three of, eating, and going to a Texas Rangers baseball game. We ended up the weekend in Van Buren, Arkansas, sharing God's goodness through Hannah's story at Cross Pointe Community Church, and meeting some wonderful people there.
Today is the first day of G & G Camp 2009! Every year for the last four or five years, Brad's parents have hosted "Grandma & Grandpa Camp" for their granddaughters (they don't have any grandsons!). Hannah was the oldest of their granddaughters, and the other five range in age from 14 to 9. Of course, this year, they also have Faith, who at seven months old, is not quite ready for G & G Camp....just wait 'til next year! They actually set it up like a summer camp, with planned activities for each day and a devotional time each evening. They even have G & G Camp T-shirts with all their names on them. This year, they are traveling to Wichita, Kansas, to spend some time with Grandma's sister, and they will be doing lots of fun activities around the city. Although they will be having lots of fun, we know that there may be some difficult times emotionally, since this will be their first G & G Camp without Hannah. As the oldest, Hannah was the natural leader of the cousin crew, and was always the peacemaker when the inevitable conflicts arose. I think she will be sorely missed, but it should be a good time of healing and bonding for the cousins and their grandparents.

The Sullivan Cousins (January, 2009)


The Harper Family said...

Our youth kids still mention Hannah...she made such an impact on so many people, many she never even met! Keeping your family in my prayers!

Melissa McCone said...

That is the sweetest thing...the G & G camp. I'm sure it will be an emotional time for all, but I bet next year all they will talk about are the fun times they had with Hannah. I lost a my best friend in high school and it took about a year before I could remember the good times and talk about her and laugh and not cry. That day will come for all!

Switching subjects, but I wanted to see how you felt about coming to Mt. Olive that Aug. 16th. Our church service actually starts at 9:20am. I'm not sure how long you usually speek, but do you think that would be enough time to come to us first and then FB? I don't want to put you in a time constraint and if this will not work out, I understand. If you would rather wait for the evening service, that is fine too. I didn't know if you guys were planning on going back home Sunday evening. I hated for you to be late getting home. Our preacher has been here with us and I talked to him about your family and coming to speak at our church and he was extremely excited. Thanks so much for your encouraging words!