Friday, February 1, 2013

Free-For-All-Friday -- Catching Up!

Well, it's obviously basketball season, isn't it?  That would explain the lack of posts since ... oh, the Tuesday before last?  We have been busy, busy, busy ... and there's really no end in sight at this point.  With a win over Mountain Pine tonight, the Lady Panthers have officially completed their conference season undefeated.  Next week brings junior high district tournament and then the following week will be senior high district tournament.  And as the official scorekeeper for Magnet Cove, that means a lot more late nights for the next two weeks.  Thankfully, they usually get me some help for weeks like that.

But, there have been a few things besides basketball going on in the Sullivan household ... Here's a little wrap-up of the last week or two...

1.  We had our first While We're Waiting Support Group for Bereaved Parents Wednesday night.  We had a big crowd there, and several more who wanted to come but were unable to make it due to illness or other obligations.  Our topic for the evening was "Even If He Does Not", because every parent who has lost a child has faced that dilemma.  What do we do when it appears that God did not answer our prayers for healing, or for protection, or even just for the safe birth of our child?  Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, we must choose to trust Him, "even if He does not."  I'm not going to share any of our discussion because I feel like the things we share with each other are confidential.  I will just say that if you want to be inspired ... spend some time with a Christian parent who has lost a child.  They are some amazing people.

2.  For the second time in our twenty-five year marriage, our household has been chosen to participate in the Nielsen ratings.  Yes, they actually do pick real people to do that.  For the next week, we have to keep a diary of every single thing we watch on TV.  Since we have two TVs, they actually sent us two diaries.  And for our trouble, they sent us five crisp, new one dollar bills.  No, not five one hundred dollar bills ... five one dollar bills.  Not even enough to be a combo meal at most fast food places.  At least there won't be much to write down due to said basketball tournaments.

3.  We booked a family vacation this week.  We're going to go snow skiing over spring break!  No, I don't ski ... Are you kidding me?  Not that I haven't tried.  Well, I guess I didn't try real hard.  Brad and I went skiing the first year we were married, and while he took to it naturally, I felt fortunate just to make it down the mountain alive.  And while Bethany and Brad have already been trying to cajole me into giving it another try, I am thinking that a few days in front of a fireplace in a condo with gorgeous mountain views and only my Kindle to keep me company sounds like just the kind of vacation I need.  

4.  I can't believe how quickly January flew by and that February is already upon us.  February has been my least favorite month for the past few years for several reasons...mostly because it's full of very difficult memories.  I am encouraged, though, by the fact that my attitude going into this month is much better than it's been in recent years.  I didn't feel the sinking in my soul that I usually feel when I flip that page on the calendar.  You know, sometimes in the day-to-day life of grief, it's hard to see progress ... but when you come to a certain date or a particular event and can look back at where you were a year ago or two years ago ... that's when you realize how far you've really come.  

5.  Next Tuesday is Senior Night.  Yes, we're back to the topic of basketball.  Can't seem to have a conversation these days without eventually getting back to basketball.  On senior night, each senior basketball player and cheerleader is called out to the center of the gym floor, where they meet their parents and give them flowers. The emcee tells all about the student ... their extracurricular activities, their plans for the future, and their favorite high school memory.  It's a sweet little ceremony.  For the first two years after Hannah went to Heaven, I went and "hid" in the bathroom while it went on.  It was just too hard to sit through it knowing Hannah never got to experience her own senior night.  Last year I was able to sit and watch it without too much emotion, and now this year, I'll be participating in it.  Not sure where I'll be on the emotion meter this year.  I will say that if there are tears, they'll be tears of joy that my girl is growing up like little girls are supposed to.

Ho hum ... Looks like it's time for bed.  Better get some sleep while I can.  Sure am looking forward to sleeping in in the morning!  :)

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