Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wacky Wednesday -- Almost Human!

Before we get to the wackiness that is Wednesday, I just wanted to point out a couple of additions to the blog.  Check out the tabs right above this post.  I've added a page where you can register for any of the While We're Waiting retreats directly from this blog, rather than having to go to the WWW website.  I've also added a page where you can request that a "Hope Package" be sent to any newly-bereaved parent, even yourself, if you unfortunately find yourself in that situation.  I've also added a page with information about the new While We're Waiting support group being formed in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Just click on these tabs for more information.

And now for the wackiness.  Saw this video on Facebook and just had to share.  So cute.  (Click on the middle of the picture to play the video.)

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