Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Mourning -- Prom 2012!

So Friday night was Magnet Cove High School's junior/senior prom.  Oh my, what a big deal it was!  We were out of school that day for Good Friday, so Bethany and I got to spend the whole day together taking care of all the pre-prom preparations.  Yes, we usually have our prom on Good Friday!  Something about that just never has felt right to me, but by having prom on Friday night, the kids are able to sleep in on Saturday and it doesn't interfere with going to church on Sunday morning.

Anyway, back to the pre-prom preparations.  There were the pedicures...Yes, I had to get one too!  How did I manage to reach the ripe old age of 46 before I ever got my first pedicure?  Actually, my favorite part is the massage chair!  This was my third one, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Sitting next to my girl who was going on and on about how excited she was about the evening was pretty nice, too!

Next up was a trip to the salon for a fancy hair-do.  She wore her hair down, in some kind of "waterfall" style.  All I know is that it was gorgeous.  Just like her big sister, she's been blessed with a head full of great hair!

After that, it was off to get her make-up done.  We went to the Clinique counter at Belk on our hairdresser's recommendation.  Who knew that they do make-up there for free?  I couldn't believe it when the girl said we didn't owe her anything!  She did a great job and we enjoyed visiting with her, and yes, I left her a nice tip.

Let me stop here and say that, honestly, I find all of this pre-prom hoopla somewhat ridiculous.  I didn't go through this kind of preparation on my wedding day!  Of course, that was almost 25 years ago, and I guess times have changed.  And I must say, I did enjoy spending the whole day with my sweet daughter.

After nails, hair, and make-up, we went out to her date's parents' house to take some pictures....

Then it was off to the restaurant and a few more pictures...

Finally, they made it to the prom, which from all reports, was a huge success.  Bethany even won a $300 teeth whitening kit at the After Prom party!  Honestly, I think she should pass that along to her mom, don't you?

So, with all the fun activities surrounding prom, why is this a Monday Mourning post?  For a couple of reasons, actually.  The most obvious one is because Bethany's big sister was not there to share the day with her.  To help her pick out her dress, to help her decide how to wear her hair, to critique her make-up.  To lie in bed and whisper with her the night before prom about dancing, and dresses, and, of course, her date.  Which they certainly would have done, because "other Brad" (see previous post for the reason why we call him that) was actually a classmate of Hannah's, and they knew each other quite well.  In situations like this, where a big sister is called for, I often feel woefully inadequate.

And then there's the sadness I feel because Hannah never got to go to her high school prom.  And not even so much because I feel like she really missed out on anything, because what she's experiencing instead is so much better.  It's because I missed out on sharing the experience with her.  How I would love to spend a day with her now, just doing girl stuff ... or doing nothing at all but just being together!

But because of that ... because of that awareness of how much I have missed with Hannah, I was able to fully enjoy and appreciate that time with Bethany.  I was able to forget about the expense (just call me George Banks from "Father of the Bride"), the stress of rushing around from appointment to appointment (and running late all day), and the long night of waiting up for her and just enjoy the ride with my girl.

Father, let me never take time with my family for granted.  Help me to fully experience the joy that You give in every moment of life.

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