Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wacky Wednesday -- Indonesian Instructions

I haven't had a Wacky Wednesday post for awhile, but when I saw this on my brother's blog, I just had to share it.  My brother and his wife are missionaries in Indonesia, and they celebrated Christmas just like we did this past weekend.  One of the gifts they got for their little girls was this "Funny House".

It was actually a house in two pieces...You had to buy both pieces and then put them together.  But that's not the wacky part.  Here's the part that made me chuckle...the comments on the package.

Hmmmm....Don't you wish you could encourage your exaltation kid's cognitive abilities with a toy like this?  :-)


Cathie said...

Fractured English - gotta love it :) When a South Korean student lived with us, his sun roof would leak. He'd forget on rainy mornings, go get in his car, back out of the driveway, stop the car, come in soaking wet and say, "I got poured!!!" as he went to get a towel. Indeed....

Angie said...

Cracks me up! We saw stuff like this in Mozambique all the time.....especially on toys imported from China. We even had a store that was just things imported from China. Sometimes we would walk through the store just to read the English translations.